“Solid Design, Solid performance”

Your key to energy independence

The AEG high-voltage hybrid inverter series up to 10 kW are designed to connect to energy storage systems, granting energy independence to your home and to your commercial installation. The inverter features an integrated option for connection with the AEG High Voltage Battery to grant you an “all-AEG” energy storage solution. The inverter´s all-round monitoring system allows you to constantly be in the know about your plant performances and ensure your return on investment”.

Product Features

AEG Hybrid inverters up to 10kW

  • AS-ICH02-2-HV
  • Sleek looks, quiet operations (fanless design)
  • Smart load control and peak shaving
  •  Intergrated option for AEG High Voltage Battery connection
  • Built-in Type II SPD (DC side) and IP66 for extra reliability


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