Premium Solar Modules – Ultra Black

The ultimate total black look

Premium Optics

The premium selection of components grants the AEG Ultra Black product series a ‘total look’ with superior aesthetics and product quality.

Cells, frame and backsheet feature a distinctive deep black shade which makes the module surface look as smooth as black silk.

Product Features

Series AEG Premium / Ultra Black

  • AS-M3057U-S(G12) up to 410Wp
  • AS-M3207U-S(G12) up to 430 Wp
Product Features
  • Cells: 305 / 320 (monocrystalline shingled G12 cells)
  • Backsheet: black
  • Frame: black
  • Product Warranty 15 years (opt. extendable to 20)
  • Performance Warranty 25 years



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