We are AEG. We exist to redefine what you expect out of your household appliances, which is why we want to challenge the boundaries of everyday life. Since our start in Berlin in 1887, we’ve never settled for good enough. And we don’t think you should have to either. That’s why we never compromise with innovations for your home. We believe in responsible innovations that stand out today and help build a better tomorrow. So you can live on your own terms while also living up to the terms of the environment. Challenge the expected.


What is the first thing you do in the morning? Open your eyes. Switch on the light. Stand up, and make yourself a good cup of coffee. Cook a healthy breakfast. Shower, put on clean clothes, and start full of energy into the new day that awaits. Were you aware that AEG has accompanied your every step?

By bringing the first electric bulbs (1887), the first electric cooker (1910), or the first washing machine (1958) into the homes of thousands of families, AEG has been energizing the everyday for almost 130 years with cutting-edge innovations and solutions that make life easier (Link: More about the AEG brand). Today, AEG is at your side with renewable energy solutions that make your home and workplace the control centre of an intelligent and effortless energy revolution. Empowering you with sustainable energy solutions to reach your daily goals, whilst caring for the planet.


AEG photovoltaic products stand out from the crowd for their quality and reliability. Aesthetically pleasing and with innovation as standard, AEG interconnected, smart solar devices allow you to be always an idea ahead in understanding solar energy and making it work for you, granting you full control over your PV system, its outputs and giving you peace of mind. Link: Discover the AEG products.


The Solar Solutions Group proudly brings AEG quality solar products to international markets and is managed by a team with over 30 years’ experience in the solar PV industry. As of today, AEG solar products are successfully installed in homes and projects across the globe and distributed by a network of selected partners in over 30 countries worldwide, each committing to bring the highest levels of the AEG experience to their customers.

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A brand that made the history of energy In the late 19 th century, Berlin entrepreneur Emil Rathenau had an early intuition about the huge potential of electricity. He acquired the license to the electric bulbs invented by Edison, and founded a company which he then named “Allgemeine Elektricitätsgesellschaft” (General Electricity
Company), or “AEG”. It was 1887. Since then, AEG rose to become the largest German electrical company with a worldwide reputation. From the solar bulbs up to power plants, AEG became a leading brand for the production, distribution and application of energy with industrial and domestic appliances, greatly contributing to the electrification process worldwide. It was however in 1907 that an imprint was given to AEG which was meant to last until today. The architect and designer Peter Behrens, the father of industrial design, revolutionized the approach to the company’s production. AEG electric appliances were designed to make the life of
consumers comfortable, and conceived as innovations to anticipate their needs, all while offering a distinctive aesthetic experience. As a brand, AEG rose to embody the concept of “perfect in form and function”– an ideal that shapes AEG products also today.

AEG: pioneer in solar PV energy

Innovation was always at the core of the AEG brand. AEG pioneered technological research and application in industries as diverse as railway, power supply, radio and television. Always an idea ahead, the company was also the forerunner of the photovoltaic era. The solar technology developed by AEG-Telefunken factories in Wedel enabled the launch of Azur, the first German satellite, in 1969; and it was AEG solar modules that, in 1983, equipped the largest solar park in Europe in the island of Pellworm, in the North Sea – still in function today. And the Hubble telescope, which has been exploring the depths of the universe for 30 years now? It was first powered by AEG solar blankets.

A brand shaping the future of solar energy

Since 1994, the AEG brand and its rich tradition are powered by Electrolux Group in Sweden. True to the brand’s nature of anticipating consumer needs, Electrolux expanded the reach of the AEG brand into the solar PV energy landscape.
In 2015, Solar Solutions Group was entrusted with the production of cutting-edge solar technology for commercial and for private use.

The AEG brand now drives sustainability at all levels. The distinctively sleek and high performing AEG solar products take conscious home and business owners to energy independence, helping them achieve their personal and business goals whilst caring for the planet; they meet the needs of modern administrations aiming at making their cities smarter and greener; at all levels, AEG solar products empower customers worldwide to become the protagonists of an effortless energy revolution.

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Receive the latest information about AEG solar products and business directly to your mailbox with our newsletter.