Premium Solar Modules – back-contact

efficiency booster, space optimizer

More Efficiency in Less Space

AEG back-contact solar modules leverage the latest innovations in solar technology to grant you higher efficiency in less space. These premium AEG solar modules combine MWT cell technology and conductive backsheet with several advantages: an increased light-converting surface (up to 3%), better performance under low light conditions and optimized installation space. 

Therefore, no matter the surface – AEG back-contact solar modules ensure reliable and efficient production of clean energy, regardless if you have a small home or a large commercial building rooftop available.

Product Features

Series AEG Premium / Back-Contact

  • AS-M1269B-K(M6)-HV up to 385 Wp
Product Features
  • Cells: 126 back-contact (MWT) half-cut cells 
  • Glass: transparent
  • Frame: black
  • Product Warranty 15 years (opt. extendable to 20)
  • Performance Warranty 30 years



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