New in the AEG Solar product portfolio: Shingle solar modules

The AEG solar module family welcomes new members: the brand-new AEG shingle modules. Consistently with the AEG hallmark of outstanding product looks, the AEG shingle modules stand out for their excellent aesthetics; but it is their technical advances that grant them a place on the pedestal. Let’s look into what makes them special!

The shingling technology

Shingle solar modules are manufactured with shingling technology. Simply put, pre-cut crystalline silicon solar cells (shingles) are assembled into the solar modules on top of each other like tiles on a rooftop. Differently than standard solar modules, where solar cells are ribbon-attached and are interconnected to the ribbons via soldering, shingles are instead connected into strings with electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs).

New in the AEG Solar product portfolio: Shingled solar modules

More output, enhanced aesthetics, greater mechanical resistance

The biggest advantage of AEG shingle modules is that the shingled cell layup generates more energy output (with an output increase of possibly up to 15% over standard modules), as there is no inactive space between cells and energy converting active area of the module is maximized.

The higher outputs combined with compact size results in higher module efficiency. This can significantly help reduce the balance of system (BOS) costs.

The use of ECAs instead of connecting ribbons makes the module surface look extremely smooth and aesthetically pleasant. It minimizes the resistive losses that are usually generated by the thermal expansion of soldered busbars. Further, it grants the module higher resistance against cracking.

Wide choice in formats and power classes

The AEG shingled modules have a wide choice in formats and power classes. They come in the variants:

  • white backsheet and silver frame
  • white backsheet and black frame
  • and ultra-black, with black backsheet, black frame and black wiring.

The AEG shingled solar modules cover a wide range of power classes, which actually encompasses:

  • AS-M3407-S(M6) up to 415 Wp
  • AS-M3407U-S(M6) Ultra Black up to 400 Wp
  • AS-M4087-S(M6) up to 495 Wp
  • AS-M4087U-S(M6) Ultra Black up to 495 Wp
  • AS-M3457-S(G12) up to 545 Wp

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