New Distribution Partner in Germany: Enbekon GmbH

A new partner joins the AEG solar network in Germany: Enbekon GmbH

From turnkey renewable plants to solar distribution, a new partner is joining the AEG solar network. Its aim: bringing customers across Germany the premium experience of a quality, tradition-rich, German-native brand.

Frankfurt am Main / München, 06.04.2021 – The AEG solar network in Germany welcomes a new partner: Enbekon GmbH.

Since 2009, Enbekon GmbH (formerly VR Enbekon eG) offers consultancy and turnkey solutions for the conception, construction, and maintenance of commercial- and industrial-size renewable plants. With over 2000 projects developed throughout Germany, Enbekon’s highly experienced engineering department specializes in systems of low and medium voltage range and fiber optics, delivering multi-faceted energy solutions; photovoltaic installations, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, heat pumps, ORC-systems, steam turbines and e-mobility charging systems.

Enbekon relies on a large international network of highly specialized companies in the field of planning and construction. This network enables Enbekon, as general contractor, to manage through qualified and flexible teams, the construction of projects large and small, allowing both project builders and investors to reach their goals in the smoothest and leanest way possible.

Together with their project activities, Enbekon engages in solar distribution services to photovoltaic installation companies across Germany, with a special focus on the areas of Munich and Hamburg.

Sustainability and technical reliability have always been a central element of Enbekon’s philosophy since the company’s inception, mirrored in their products and services. For this reason, Enbekon has chosen to offer AEG quality solar modules in their product portfolio. AEG is a historical German brand with over 130 years engineering tradition, which has throughout its history constantly delivered cutting-edge innovations and solutions to make everyday life easier. The high quality standards, high efficiency and the premium looks of AEG solar module will empower Enbekon’s customers, allowing them to achieve their sustainability goals, delivering reliable clean energy for the whole plant lifetime – be it on industrial, commercial or residential rooftops/properties.


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