The AEG solar network expands to Bulgaria with Libratech

The Solar Solutions Group proudly brings AEG quality solar products (solar modules, inverters, and energy storage solutions) to international markets, relying on a network of selected partners in over 30 countries worldwide. Solar Solutions welcomes today a new partner in the AEG distribution network: Libratech Ltd., operating in the Bulgarian market.

Libratech: from distribution to engineering services

Founded in 1996, Libratech Ltd is based in Sofia. For more than 25 years Libratech Ltd. has been offering a wide range of innovative products and services from prestigious brands and leading global companies. Libratech is an official importer, wholesaler and distributor of photovoltaic panels, inverters, energy storage batteries, mobile charging stations, structures and materials for building photovoltaic systems from world-class leading manufacturers. Libratech further offers engineering services that span from solar plant design to Operation and Maintenance, with a multidisciplinary approach made possible by the vast expertise of the technical team, allowing them to apply the most reliable procedures since the inception of the entrusted solar project.

Highest quality standards for project efficiency

In 30 countries worldwide, each of AEG Solar Distribution Partner has one goal: delivering a premium product and an outstanding customer experience.  In solar distribution such as in project development, Libratech applies the highest quality standards to their choice of products. By relying on the exacting manufacturing standards, outstanding looks and efficiency of the AEG solar modules, Libratech is looking forward to bringing each installation to the fullest potential- be it on industrial, commercial or residential rooftops/properties.

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