GLS International Sorting Center Jihlava

project from AEG official distributor for Czech Republic SOLSOL s.r.o.:

GLS is increasing the share of environmentally friendly
, purchases
more electric cars and builds a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the hub
in Jihlava

At least 10 more vans and 10 electrically powered cargo bikes will be added to
the fleet of international parcel carrier GLS by the end of the year. Their
deployment makes a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.
GLS is also emphasising environmental protection in the construction and
renovation of its transport hubs – a total of 666 solar panels supplied by AEG
fill the roof of the new hall of the international sorting centre in Jihlava.
The panels will generate energy for the day-to-day operation of the facility.

The annual savings in carbon dioxide emissions are expected
to reach up to 156 tonnes, equivalent to more than seven thousand trees planted.
A green facade is also currently being created on one side of the building. The
company has won the prestigious EcoVadis award for 2022 for its pan-European
environmental and sustainability activities.


 Emission-free parcel delivery

Since last July, GLS CZ has delivered a total of 15
emission-free deliveries in twelve cities in the Czech Republic, including
Prague, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava and Hulín. Their fleet will be expanded by at
least ten more vehicles this year, which will significantly help reduce their
carbon footprint. Another 10 electric cargo bikes, which have been used for
over a year to deliver packages in the historic centre of Prague, will also be
added. They will also be used to serve the centres of other major cities. 

“Delivering parcels by electric cargo bike has proved
very successful for us in Prague, with the courier delivering approximately 50
small and medium-sized parcels per day. That’s why we have established
cooperation with a Czech manufacturer, who has developed a tailor-made special
for us to increase operational reliability and efficiency. From our point of
view, this is one of the ways to serve the centres of larger cities in the
future, not only to offset carbon dioxide emissions, but also to speed up
delivery for couriers. E-bikes have no problem to park almost anywhere and they
can also get into narrow streets where it is more difficult for vans to
go,” says Pavel Včela, Director of GLS Czech Republic.


Energy from photovoltaics for the whole day

GLS also takes environmental protection into account when
building new depots and reconstructing existing ones. The expansion of the
international sorting centre in Jihlava was completed in autumn 2021 and the
entire construction was carried out in accordance with environmental standards
and a number of additional green measures. A new 300 kW photovoltaic plant has
been installed on the roof of the hall, which will save up to 156 tonnes of
carbon dioxide emissions per year, equivalent to more than 7,000 trees planted.

“The solar energy produced will cover the entire day’s
operation of the site and the 200 kW battery storage, together with the
infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, also allows for storage and use
outside of daylight hours. A green facade with bird boxes is currently being
created on one side of the building, which together with a rainwater retention
tank will create an ideal habitat for many animals. We want to set an example
and show that industrial construction can also do a lot for the environment,”
comments Pavel Včela. 

The European GLS Group has been awarded the prestigious
EcoVadis award for the second time for its activities in the field of
sustainable development. Each year, EcoVadis conducts an assessment of the
sustainable business and environmental, social and ethical behaviour of more
than 62,000 suppliers worldwide. Out of a total of 100 points, parcel carrier
GLS earned 67 points, upgrading its 2020 rating from a silver medal to a gold
medal, making it one of the top nine percent of companies in the industry

With the Vysočina Region Governor’s award

This is also confirmed by GLS Czech Republic, which this
year again received the award of the Vysočina Region Governor. It has received
the Socially Responsible Company of the Vysočina Region award for the second
time, for its activities aimed at reducing the negative impact of parcel
transport on the environment, optimising waste management and supporting social
projects such as Donate a Toy, On a Bicycle for Children or the ecological
initiative Do Work by Bike, which aims to motivate the public to use
environmentally friendly modes of transport. The award was also given for
respect for employees, concern for their needs and the opportunity for personal
and professional growth.

“GLS was awarded in the private sector category in
2017, when it participated in the first ever edition. The intention was not
only to showcase GLS’ activities in this area, but also to motivate other
companies to follow suit. Five years have passed since then and we have
continued to work within our CSR project ThinkResponsible. We applied again
mainly to compare our progress in this area with others and to show that we
have lived up to our commitments from the first award even after five
years,” concludes Pavel Včela. 

Translated from
Czech – Original article:


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