AEG Top PV Supplier in Czech Republic


Based on independent assessment by Joint Forces for Solar


Solar Solutions Group, official provider of AEG premium solar modules, inverters, and storage solutions under license from AB Electrolux, is delighted to receive the Joint Forces for Solar ‘‘Top PV Supplier’’ seal for solar module supply in the Czech Republic in 2024. The seal was awarded to Solar Solution for their commitment in driving the clean energy transition in Czech Republic, and based on the relevant market share enjoyed by AEG solar modules in this market.

Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S) is a global solar alliance of industry stakeholders ranging from multinational corporations to industry associations and local installation companies who partner in the mission to expand the use of solar technologies at the global, regional, and local level. Founded in 2009 and powered by EUPD Research, JF4S has grown to be the leading global business and knowledge platform and business enabler.

 ‘We are honored that our commitment in this market is receiving this acknowledgement. This success was made possible on one hand by the excellent manufacturing quality, premium looks, and industry leading standards of the AEG solar modules manufactured by Solar Solutions” says Bertrand Chevalley, Chief Operations Officer of Solar Solutions Group. “On the other hand, this success is to be tributed to the absolute commitment our exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic SOLSOL s.r.o.. SOLSOL represents a trusted partner for installers thanks to their premium product offer, and laser focus on customer service.

“We take the occasion to express our sincere appreciation to SOLSOL for our long-term cooperation that has kept growing and consolidating since 2018”, says Chevalley.

“AEG modules have been our bestseller in Czech Republic since 2019 with significant market shares. We are thrilled to have this confirmed officially by Top PV supplier award for 2024. We expect this achievement to resonate greatly with all clients who care about quality and sustainibilty of their PV plant components”, says Radek Orság, CEO of SOLSOL.

Daniel Fuchs, CCO at Joint Forces for Solar adds: “Congratulations to AEG for earning the ‘Top PV Supplier’ seal for solar modules in the Czech Republic in 2024, as recognized by Joint Forces for Solar. This achievement underscores AEG’s commitment to advancing the clean energy transition and their significant market presence in delivering high-quality solar solutions.”

Solar Solutions Group will welcome visitors at the upcoming Intersolar Europe in Munich on June 19-21.


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Receive the latest information about AEG solar products and business directly to your mailbox with our newsletter.