A new partner joins the AEG solar distribution network in Germany: Sunix Solarsysteme GmbH

A new partner joins the AEG Solar distribution network. The goal: to provide customers in Germany with the premium experience of a traditional, German quality brand.


The AEG Solar distribution network in Germany welcomes a new partner: Sunix Solarsysteme GmbH.

Headquartered in Leverkusen and with an office in Cologne, Sunix focuses on innovative, uniform concepts for the renovation of private and commercial roofs, including the installation of solar systems. At the same time, Sunix as a distributor offers solar installers and installers all components for a high-quality complete solution – namely solar modules, inverters and high-voltage batteries of the brand AEG.

As a certified expert and master craftsman in the roofing trade with numerous successful references in the private and commercial sector, Sunix assesses the complete roof and takes on renovation projects that integrate solar powered solutions  to ensure an efficient and future-oriented power supply.

Sunix develops tailor-made concepts for the roof and the solar installation and accompanies its customers every step of the way – from economic feasibility studies to funding opportunities and analysis of official regulations.

For the refurbishment projects and also for the distribution of solar products, Sunix relies on the highest quality components and for this reason has chosen to distribute AEG solar modules, inverters and high-voltage batteries. To provide customers with a completely worry-free sustainable energy solution, Sunix also offers AEG solar modules with a minimum 25-year product and performance warranty under the AEG Warranty Extension Program.

“Our company was founded on expertise, trust and friendship,” say founders Joerg Klöcker and Sascha Engels. “With AEG solar products, we want to further develop that trust with our customers as well – trust in solar energy and quality, giving them a return on their investment day after day.”

“We are very excited about this partnership, we constantly seek like-minded companies that understand the value that the AEG brand brings and Sunix epitomize that in their constant drive for quality and customer satisfaction, we are delighted to welcome them to our family!” said Stuart Brannigan, Solar Solutions AG Business Development Manager. “Sunix’s expertise will provide all customers in North Rhine-Westphalia with top quality AEG products, as well as highly reliable service.”


About Sunix

With future-oriented and aesthetic technology, Sunix contributes to the energy turnaround, enhances customer properties and makes them more cost-efficient. As a master roofing company and expert office in the roofing trade, Sunix focuses on the impermeability of the roof surfaces used and pays special attention to high-quality craftsmanship and uniform concepts for the renovation of private and commercial roofs. At the same time, as a distributor, Sunix offers solar technicians and installers all AEG solar components for a high-quality complete PV solution. More info: https://sunix-solar.de/


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