New launches at Intersolar 2024

AEG: new stackable battery, hybrid inverter and solar modules to expand “360° solution for home and business”

Solar Solutions Group, official provider of AEG solar modules, inverter and storage solutions under license from AB Electrolux, will participate in Europe´s leading solar exhibition The Smarter E in Munich from June 19th to 21th introducing the newest product lines that expand the “360° solutions for home and business” offer , encompassing a new stackable battery for modular energy storage, matching hybrid inverter and high efficiency Back-Contact and N-Type solar modules ranging from 435 to 615 Wp.

“We have been listening attentively to the requirements of our Distributors in the respective markets and crafted our new portfolio based on their need for planning flexibility”, says Bertrand Chevalley, Chief Operations Officer of Solar Solutions Group.

“With the new AEG stackable high voltage battery AEG AS-BMH02, we offer a 5 kWh modular solution. Each battery module can be clustered up to a maximum of 4 units per cluster, for 2 clusters, reaching a maximum capacity of 40 kWh. This helps the installers plan flexibly for quite diverse sizes of installation. Significantly, the system can also be upgraded at a later point, with no imbalances between the different battery modules” explains Conny Hulverscheidt, CTO and CMO at Solar Solutions Group.

“The new AEG hybrid inverter with 10 kW is suitable for high voltage installations and works with the high current streams of the larger solar module types – where higher power goes hand in hand with higher currents. It is designed to be a seamless match for the new AEG stackable battery, and for the existing AEG high voltage monobloc battery as well. The HV monobloc battery is preferred in some of our markets as it allows connection in parallel of up to 10 batteries reaching a total of 150 kWh and can be paired with a wide variety of hybrid inverter models”, adds Hulverscheidt.

“The 2024 launches are completed by the newest AEG solar modules in our portfolio”, says Chevalley. “Earlier this year we launched the first series of Back-Contact solar modules, which combine the sleekness of a grid-less design to one of the highest efficiencies in the market at 23.6%. The new back-contact series with 108 cells reaches up to 470 Wp and is available in both glass-backsheet and glass-glass versions. We have developed a special Exchange and Refund scheme for this flagship product, granting customers 40 years of free exchange or full refund on the products.”

Solar Solutions will further exhibit the successful N-type glass-glass bifacial solar modules with 108 rectangular M10 (RM10) cells, compact with their <2m 2 surface and power up to 455 Wp, in their full black version perfect for residential installations; and the new RM10 modules with 144 and 132 cells modules, especially tailored for commercial installations thanks to their high power of 580 Wp and 615 Wp respectively.

“In 2024, AEG received several awards by customers and solar professionals in target countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic and Portugal. We thank the customers for the trust, knowing that we rely on exacting quality standards, the full engagement of our Quality Team, and the smooth service of our trusted partners of the AEG Solar Distribution Network”, says Chevalley.

“We are always challenging the expected with a holistic approach and total focus on quality and customers. We cordially invite like-minded partners and customers to visit our booth at A3.460, looking forward to initiating new projects and partnerships”, concludes Chevalley.


Receive the latest information about AEG solar products and business directly to your mailbox with our newsletter.


Receive the latest information about AEG solar products and business directly to your mailbox with our newsletter.